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Open House Tech specialises in providing high end property image editing and development service. We aim to provide an efficient service giving our clients the freedom to fully customise the service you receive.

We are equipped with an inhouse team of experts in their field, with proficiency in a variety of photo editing software such as Adobe PhotoshopⓇ. This combined with our guarantee to fulfill your order within 6 hours allows you to go ahead with your day to day business.

Why should I bother having my property listing images edited?

By allowing us to add some magical touches to your property images it can attract more interest in your

Real Estate Photo Editing Services We Provide

  • Day to dusk
Before After

Regardless of the time when you took your real estate photos, we can make them look as if they were taken in the early morning, midday or late in the evening.

  •  Item removal
Before After

If you noticed that there are distracting objects in your real estate photos, you can address our retouchers and they will accurately remove them, keeping the rest of the frame intact.

  • Sky replacement
Before After

If the sky in your real estate photo looks a bit dull or completely absent, we can quickly replace it with a realistic sky/clouds overlay, so that the overall composition will look amazing.

  •  Lawn retouch
Before After

Not only the building itself but also the lawn in front of it can affect the buyers’ decision, so send us your exterior photos and we’ll make sure everything looks the way it should.

  •  Dust & garbage edit
Before After

Quick and smooth dust and garbage editing by real professionals in this sphere. Entrust us your real estate pictures and we guarantee you will be impressed by the result.

  • TV image replacement
Before After

If you forget to remove the TV set while taking interior photos, you can contact our company and we will replace it during photo editing.

  •  HDR photo editing
Before After

An HDR effect can make any real estate image look captivating and if you don’t know how to create it on your own, our experts are here to help you.

  • Adding fire in fireplace
Before After

Create a welcoming atmosphere in your property photos by adding fire in the fireplace. Have no idea how to do it? Place an order at our website and we’ll take care of it.

  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
Before After

Fixing brightness and contrast in your property photos is obligatory if you want to boost the listings. We know how to do it in a professional way not sacrificing the natural look of your shots.

  • Cord removal
Before After

Cords in real estate photos can look very distracting ruining the entire composition of a shot. Not to suffer from such a problem, send your images to FixThePhoto and get eye-pleasing results in no time.

  • Lens distortion removal
Before After

Get rid of wide-angle lens distortion and make your property photos beautiful. The best quality at a moderate cost.

  • Window cut-out replacement
Before After

You think that your real estate photo can become more appealing if you replace a window cut-out, order this particular service.

How Does It Work?

Upload real estate photos
Upload real estate photos

Write recommendations
Write recommendations

Submit for revision if necessary
Submit for revision if necessary

Get your photos back
Get your photos back

Having received thousands of requests from the customers-photographers, we launched our own new service. Either expert or beginning photographers can use it.

It will take care of your property photos in a fast and efficient way. Our photo fixing is a straight way to professional property photography.

Prices for our real estate photo editing

Bronze Package

(up to 15 images per property)


Per Property

+ £0.50 per extra image

  • Basic colour enhancements
  • White Balance
  • LR adjustments
  • Exposure
  • Sharpening
  • Contrast and Lighting Adjustments
  • Clarity Noise & Blur Reduction
  • Removing Color Cast
  • Perspective Corrections
  • Vertical & Horizontal Straightening
  • Cropping or Resizing
  • PS Adjustments
  • Slight Dust Removal
  • Sky Color Enhancement
  • Photographer shadow removal
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Silver Package

(up to 20 images per property)


Per Property

+ £0.75 per extra image

  • More advanced Corrections
  • Lawn Retouch
  • Fireplaces ignited with fire and a warm natural look
  • Outdoor Sky Replacement
  • Fixing Burnt Out Lightbulbs
  • "Blueing" Pools, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans
  • Small Flash Reflection Removal
  • Dust & Garbage Edit
  • Small Objects Removal
  • Get Rid of Blemishes, Scars
  • HDR Photo Editing
  • Windows Enhancement
  • Cord Removal
  • TV Screen Replacement
  • +Everything mentioned in Bronze
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Gold Package

(up to 25 images per property)


Per Property

+ £1.00 per extra image

  • Professional Corrections
  • Editing and Masking Together 3-5 Images/Exposures
  • Flash Shadow Removal
  • Interior Sky Replacements
  • Wall/Floor/Ground Cleaning
  • Medium and large Objects Removal
  • Carpets/Curtains/ Bedcovers Smoothing
  • Dust & Garbage Edit
  • Small Objects Removal
  • Perspective Corrections
  • Cropping or Resizing
  • Slight Dust Removal
  • Sky Color Enhancement
  • + Everything mentioned in Bronze and Silver
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Additional services


  • Internal window enhancement - £1
  • Window view replacement - £1.5
  • Wall, floor, ground and surface cleaning - £1.5
  • Spot Recoloring - £1
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  • Lawn enhancement - greening and patching - £0.5
  • Lawn generation (adding lawn to an image) - £2.5
  • Interior/exterior lighting & pool/garden lights - £2
  • Multiple Image Stitching A 360-Degree Perspective - £5
  • Window view replacement (interior) - £1
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Objects removal and insertion

  • Small objects removal / addition - £0.5
  • Medium objects removal/ addition - £1
  • Large objects removal/addition - £2
  • Remove the photographer’s reflection - £2
  • Flash shadow removal - £2
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Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15% OFF

Discount who orders from 50-250 product pictures per 1 order.

30% OFF

Discount for all real estate photo retouching services during a month who orders from 250-1000 product pictures per 1 order.

50% OFF

Discount for all real estate photo retouching services during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product pictures per 1 order.


Contact us today to get started. We will talk to you about your individual needs and provide you with a detailed plan of action along with the total cost before any work begins.
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